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Peraven Nagur (Raymond)

I am happily married, with kids that I give my life to and a full time job at Colgate Palmolive as a bulk receipt buyer.

Education is essential in life. Starting from birth, we learn to breathe, to walk, to talk, to crawl, how to treat other people, to remember our manners. Everything we do is a learning process, whether it is an easy task that we do in everyday life, to something more difficult at work. We learn how to overcome whatever comes our way. Education is a huge part of this and the reason why I value it.

I chose PMI because it was an institute that was offering part time studying pertaining to the direction that I was following in the company. It was suitable and convenient knowing that I would be able to do my full time job and study in my own time at my own pace. My favourite reason is that single modules are completed before starting the next. This has been a major factor for me to continue to studying and coping with everyday life. Over the years this has really worked well for me.

My learning experience throughout this journey was strenuous as well as exciting and I enjoyed every bit of it. The modules were easy to comprehend and the assessments were excellent because we could relate it to the lessons that were taught in class and to the work environment.

The lecturers and staff of PMI were very good at performing their tasks. The coordination in terms of assessments was excellent. Whenever I needed assistance relating to my modules, they were supportive and provided me with the necessary information. They also provided me with feedback. All my lecturers have played a pivotal role in my achievements. They always welcomed individual attention and discussions. The PMI team was easily available at all times and welcomed all my queries, suggestions and thoughts.

By completing this part of my education, I will be able to grow in the organisation by applying for positions that will be available in the future. Many positions that become available require the advanced diploma qualifications. This has certainly opened many doors for me. I plan to continue to study with PMI and aim to have a master’s degree before the age of 50. I would encourage anyone despite their age to further their studies, and now is the time to do it, at PMI – I would definitely do it at PMI.

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