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Renate Paton

“My name is Renate Paton, I’m from the Bluff, South of Durban, KZN. I am a mum of 3 boys and the eldest child to a mum who is a single parent. Growing up my life was pretty simple. I received everything I needed, most times. Having an absent father puts lots of pressure on my mother to do to do her best. So, I matriculated and soon had to find work because studying further was a not an option. I got married and started a family of my own. Not having studied and been with my husband whose only motivation to succeed was to continue studying, changed the way my view was. I learnt of this bursary opportunity from an ex teacher who helped me apply. At this point in time all I could feel was that I was given a second chance at making something of myself , of being a HERO to my kids, and most importantly shutting down every negative word saying “It’s too late” it is NEVER too late. Joining PMI has been such a blessing. Been one of the candidates chosen for a Higher Certificate in Operations Management; it was amazing. In the beginning I was nervous to be in the classroom full of students who are at their prime, who left school recently. But this was my motivation. I made are everything I was given I used to the best of my ability. I wanted to never look like I’m too old for this. PMI have supported me in every area of this journey. Whether it be assistance with library information, typing assignments in the IT room, printing or even day to day queries for the lecturers. They have been a great support structure. Allowing me to never feel like I can’t do this. Getting a distinction for my maths module brought tears to my eyes because it was my very first distinction in my 32 years of living. And because of the supportive team at PMI I can say “I GOT THIS”. It’s been a very amazing journey so far, because I can be an example for my younger siblings and sons that it’s not where you come from but where you are going to, that matters. With all the knowledge I am receiving at PMI during this course I’m hopeful that I will receive a job that fits the requirements of my studies. Nothing is done in vain. I’m ready to do amazing things and be more than a conqueror.

Thank you PMI
I appreciate you all
Having people to believe in you changes the game.”

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