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Quewinn Cain

“My name is Quewinn Cain. I’m a 19 year old, unemployed youth, who has been seeking employment and a chance to further my education at a tertiary institute. I am still currently unemployed but I was lucky enough to receive a bursary opportunity from Toyota Tsusho, to get a chance to study a Higher Certificate in Operations Management at PMI. This is an opportunity I’m eternally grateful for as I’ve gained so much from this experience and PMI. Life before studying this Higher certificate was absolutely challenging in many aspects. Staying in a community where people don’t have the desire to continue studying, it was hard. It was extremely difficult to get into a college because of the Coronavirus, there has been a backlog in colleges and in student funding organisations. It then became an emotionally draining situation because I was constantly being turned down at every attempt I made to study or work. My family were also caught up in a financial problem after my mum, Aunt and Grandmother passed away. This was until I received an advert of this Higher Certificate in Operations Management from my former Teacher from the last High School I attended Hillview Secondary in Newlands East. Ever since my acceptance at PMI I’ve had a different outlook on life and my goals, a positive outlook. PMI is such a great institute overall from the environment as you enter the premises to the people you meet on the premises such as their employees, who are by the far the best compared to any other educational institute I’ve been to. PMI is helping me to better my future in giving me a chance at future employment in this career path with a great knowledge of Operations Management. On completion of this certificate I aim to study a diploma in Operations Management or in a field related to this. I would like to thank PMI for this opportunity.”

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