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Nompilo Nxumalo – Building a legacy

“Nompilo completed PMI’s Higher Certificate in Business Management and was provided with the added entrepreneur coaching to assist her in putting together a business plan. She also learned how to go about conducting research to determine if the business idea would be viable in the market and to register the company. This remarkable young woman graduated Cum Laude on the Higher Certificate in Business Management and received the top student award. Nompilo comes from a big family and grew up with only brothers. Being the first person to graduate in a family of so many members put a lot of pressure on Nompilo. She knew she had to venture into something that was sustainable. Something that didn’t rely on tenders and RFQs. “I had to look around me and think about my community. I knew that they collected waste to sell in town and my family was in this line of work as well. I thought, what if I bring this closer to us? By doing that I can minimise transport costs, create employment and work towards a cleaner community.” Towards the end of 2018 Nompilo registered her recycling business, KK services and today has been in places she never thought she would see. The going is not easy, but she no longer sees herself sending out her CV, but rather sees herself receiving them. “My small but growing business is ultimately about building a legacy and awareness about the importance of preserving and caring for the environment. KK services is very passionate about this cause while also making a living out of it.”

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