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Mthabisen Dlamini

“ My name is Mthabisen Dlamini originated from Pietermaritzburg, but now I am residing in Durban. I have Athrogryphosis (right leg which doesn’t bend since birth). I was one of those people who will move from one learnership to another, year after year. In 2017 I applied at I Can! For a post for an Administrator that was advertised on Pnet. I just applied as I always do, with no hope of being shortlisted. In few weeks after applying, I got a call from I Can! That I was shortlisted and I must come do an assessment. Fortunately, I passed my assessment, and my CV was forwarded to the company that was looking for a disabled administrator. In 2018 January I went for an interview at Mega Pile Construction Company, I passed my interview. It was 15 January 2018 on a Monday I started on my new Permanent Job. I was so excited and happy that finally I got a permanent Job. Even though being the only Black Disable Female at the company, came with so many challenges, but I keep on moving forward. I Can! Also introduced me to another programme at PMI. I got a bursary for Production Management (Diploma). I have only one module to do, then I finish my diploma. I cannot wait to be the first graduate at home. “

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